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Plan My Move provides you with a three-month calendar of steps you need to take to insure a smooth move for you and your family. If you have fewer than three months until your move, complete the steps you've missed. Don't panic, but DO swing into action. The tasks are grouped by week and day so you can follow a daily schedule that works for you. Keep in mind, that each of these steps may take differing amounts of time.

You may also create a customized calendar specific to your needs and schedule. To create a customized calendar, return to the Plan My Move homepage and sign-in.

View information about the installation where you are currently stationed () and the installation where you are being reassigned ().

Have you been assigned a sponsor? If not, click here to request a sponsor. The email will be forwarded to the relocation manager at your destination for action.

Departure: Calendar: CONUS - CONUS (6 Week)
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