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Fast Facts

 USAG Red Cloud/Casey Headquarters Building

Location:USAG Red Cloud and USAG Casey are an enclave of installations and together are commonly referred to as Area I. Camp Red Cloud, Camp Stanley, and Camp Jackson are located in and around Uijeongbu, a city of roughly 436,000 people, about 45 minutes north of Seoul. Covering approximately 50 square miles, this rapidly growing city of Uijeongbu is a major hub of transportation, industry, economy and education in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province as well as a gateway city of northern Seoul. Camp Casey and Camp Hovey are located in and around Dongducheon (also known as Tongduchon), a city of more than 90,000. Dongducheon is in the most northern part of South Korea and is also situated at the bottom of Soyosan Mountain. USAG Red Cloud homepage.

Cost of Living: Seoul is one of the most expensive large cities in the world to live. Since Area I is north of Seoul and more rural, cost of living is a little lower. Soldiers and civilians living on the economy are given compensation through Cost of Living Allowances (COLA).

Base Operator: 011-82-31-869-1110 or DSN 315-730-1110

Population: 2ID has a unique force structure and fighting capability not found anywhere else in the U.S. Army or on the Korean peninsula. The 2ID is a robust division with 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team and Fires Brigade. There are about 6,000 warriors spread across Warrior Country.

Area Population:300,000

Base Transportation: On-post free shuttle bus service that runs between the different installations connecting to Area 1/2ID Headquarters. There are contracted Korean Myung Jin buses connecting the many military installations in Korea. Korean commercial buses provide intercity travelbetween Korean towns and cities. Bus schedules can be picked up at any ACS facility or found in the In the Zone magazine.

Child Care:No childcare facilities are available in USAG Red Cloud/Casey.

Schools:There are no DoDEA schools located in or around Area I.

Youth Services:No facilities exist specifically for youth though the installations may have activities that are suited to youth participation.

Army Community Service: ACS USAG Casey 011-82-31-869-3107 or DSN 315-730-3107

Housing:There is no on-post family housing on any installation in Area 1. However, finding an apartment is relatively easy. Contact the Housing office for a list of USFK approved realtors in the area that speak English who can assist you in your search.

Most Military members assigned to USAG-Red Cloud/Casey on an accompanied tour are only allowed one-half of their household goods allowance. The Housing office should be able to provide basic household furnishings. Alternatively, you may wish to ship some basic furnishing such as a couch, beds, and a dining table. Some Real Estate agents and landlords have a selection of basic furniture they will rent out for a small fee which can be added into your rent. In addition, appliances such as refrigerator, washer/dryer, and air conditioner do not come included with most apartments. Refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers may be requested from Housing for the duration of your assignment. Korean summers are very hot and humid and you’ll definitely want to rent an air conditioning unit or two or negotiate to have them included in your rent.

Korean apartments are quite different from American apartments. They can be quite spacious, however, they tend to have less closet or storage space than American apartments. Some bedrooms have no closets. Bring few, if any pictures to hang on the walls as most Korean apartments have concrete walls and hammering nails into the walls is discouraged (and very difficult). Also if you plan to bring recreational items such as bikes, camping gear, etc. be aware you’ll likely have no place to store them. Some apartments do have enclosed balconies but rarely are these closed off so you will always see what you have stored on them.

The Housing office on USAG Red Cloud can be reached at 011-82-31-870-7494 or DSN 315-732-7494 and at USAG Casey at 011-82-31-869-3913 or DSN 315-730-3913.

Employment: For employment opportunities in Korea, visit the Army CPOL website.

Post Services:

  • MWR Facilities offers numerous indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and clubs.
  • Commissaries: There is a commissary on Camp Casey, Camp Red Cloud and Camp Stanley with Casey offering the most selection of items. Commissaries on Camp Red Cloud and Stanley are significantly smaller and have less variety of products to choose from.
  • Exchange System: Main Exchanges are located on the major installations in Area I though size and selection vary significantly. Visit the exchange website to see what additional services and stores are located on each installation.

Medical Services:  Medical services are available at the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) at Camp Red Cloud, US Army Health Clinic Camp Casey, and TMC Camp Stanley. Family members can be seen at both Camp Red Cloud and Casey while the TMC at Camp Stanley is for active duty soldiers only. Pediatric services in Area I are limited to the Casey Clinic. However, Pediatric Wellness visits are available at the USAG Red Cloud TMC for children 2 weeks to 5 years old. In addition, Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital provides full service medical care for USFK beneficiaries stationed in Area 1 and throughout Korea.

St. Mary’s (Songmo) Hospital in Uijeongbu is the nearest local Korean hospital and also offers full-service medical care. TRICARE Prime patients may be referred to this facility at no cost. If you are a civilian or TRICARE Standard, you will be responsible for paying at the time of your appointment. TRICARE Standard individuals must file a claim for partial reimbursement.

There are NO EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES on any Area I installation!

Special Installation Messages:


Service members are not required to secure passports for entrance into Korea for their duty assignment because of an existing Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Family members who accompany or visit the service member are required to have a passport and obtain an A-3 VISA if staying in Korea longer than 90 days. Service members will need copies of PCS and/or leave orders to travel between the US and Korea. For those wishing to travel for leisure while stationed in Korea, a tourist passport is needed. You can apply for a tourist passport while you are in country provided you have the necessary documentation such as birth certificate or other proof of US citizenship.


Planning for shipment of your pet(s) includes researching airline requirements and quarantine restriction laws in your new location. You will need to ask the airlines about requirements for size, weight, number of animals, kennel construction, documentation and seasonal limitations. See “Shipping Pets” under “Get to know the installation” for more detailed information on bringing your pet to Korea.

Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location.

Calling From To
  • USFK DSN – simply dial DSN phone number as listed
  • USFK commercial – 99 + commercial # (ex: 99-866-8517)
  • Korea commercial – 99 + commercial # (ex: 99-010-6598-0684)
  • DSN Operator Assistance – 0 or 113
  • Toll free U.S. – call operator and provide toll-free number
Korea Commercial
  • USFK DSN – 05033 + XXXXXX (last 6 of DSN #) (ex: DSN 730-3107 = C: 05033-303107)
  • USFK commercial – 031 + commercial # (ex: 031-866-8517)
  • Korea commercial – 99 + commercial # (ex: 99-010-6598-0684)
  • Korea commercial – simply dial commercial number as listed
  • U.S – 001 – (XXX) XXX-XXXX (ex: 001-912-767-5058)
  • ‘730’ DSN prefix, 011-8231-869-XXXX (last 4 of DSN #) (ex: DSN 730-3107 = 011-8231-869-3107)
  • ‘732’ DSN prefix, 011-8231-870-XXXX (last 4 of DSN #) (ex: DSN 732-6160 = 011-8231-870-6160)
  • In Seoul, 011-822-791-XXXXX (last 5 of DSN #) (ex: DSN 738-2222 = 011-822-791-82222)

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