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Temporary Housing

Temporary Lodging Facility


The Joint Base Andrews NAF Washington Presidential Inn offers a full range of temporary lodging facilities. However, JBA is also a very busy AMC installation with many transient aircrews to accommodate weekly. Therefore, members planning to travel and/or relocate to JBA are advised to make lodging reservations as soon as possible. If planning a move during the peak PCS months (April through September), at least 60 days advance notice is recommended or upon PCS notification date. Reservations can be made in advance by calling the Presidential Inn Reservations Office, DSN 858-4614 option 0 or 301-981-4614. Reservations are taken between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays. The Presidential Inn Reception Center and Reservations Office can be found in Building 1380, located on California Road.

Temporary Lodging for Families

The Presidential Inn has 24 one-bedroom and 26 two-bedroom Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs). Each one bedroom unit accommodates up to five people. Each two bedroom unit can accommodate 8 members. Lodging only has 4 pet friendly units; members must provide current shot records for their pets upon check in.  Military families making a PCS move have top priority. Reservations are accepted for a period up to 30 days for PCS arrivals and departures. Other military members making PCS moves to or from Washington-area installations other than JB Andrews are eligible for TLFs on a space-available, first-come, first-served basis based on current availability percentages. If no units are available, lodging will issue a Contract quarters sheet or a NON-A (Non availability) sheet. This form is for reimbursement purposes, you must obtain this form before going to a local hotel. Lodging systems do not backdate. Units are equipped for temporary housekeeping.

Check In/Check Out

Check-in time is 2:00 p.m. As is the practice in commercial hotels, reservations are held until 6:00 P.M. and released to other guests after 6:00 p.m. Credit card held reservations are guaranteed until midnight unless arrangements for late arrival have been made. Checkout time is 1100.

Should you experience a delay in arrival, call the Reception Center at DSN 858-4614 and let the front desk staff know your arrival time so they can hold your reservation. Once in quarters, the Reservations Office must be contacted should you need to extend your stay.


Rate per night is $56.00.


Pets are allowed in Pet friendly units only. Other units do not allow pets on premises.

Civilian Lodging On Base

Only civilian personnel coming from overseas on orders can choose to stay at billeting, the Presidential Inn. Reservations should be made at least 30-90 days in advance. Civilians will not receive a non-availability statement if lodging isn't available when requested.

Non-availability of Temporary Lodging

If no temporary lodging facilities are available on base, the Reception Center staff and Reservations Office will assist you in locating local hotels/motels that may offer special military rates. The Housing Referral Office, 2097 San Antonio Blvd. also has a list of short-term accommodations.

Temporary Lodging for Unaccompanied Members

Approximately 265 transient units VQs (Visiting Quarters) are available for unaccompanied PCS and TDY military members.


No pets are allowed in quarters or on the premises.


The rates per night range from $60.50

Check In/Check Out

The TLF guidelines outlined above for eligibility, reservations, checking-in and checking-out also apply to VQs.

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This website serves as a one-stop shop for Airmen and their families to obtain information about the housing options and support services available to them at Air Force bases world-wide.

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