Moving Out

Moving Overseas

Moving to a new place within the United States can be a bit scary, but what if you're moving to another country? Chances are, you'll be far away from friends and family and in a strange new place with different languages and customs. It might seem pretty intimidating, but it can also be a great new adventure. Check out the advice below to find ways to make moving overseas easier.

Do some research on your new location. Get online or head to the library to look up information about your new home. Find out what languages are spoken there, what kind of music is popular with the locals and what sports teams might be nearby.

Find out what you can and can't take with you. Because of weight restrictions, you might not be able to bring everything you want with you. Talk to your parents about what you'll be allowed to bring and what things are really important to you. Remember, you're not getting rid of what you don't bring - just leaving it in storage until you return.

Start learning the language. If the people in your new location don't speak the same language as you, ask your parents about learning that language. Try using language tapes, phrase books or even a formal class to get familiar with how the local people speak.

Figure out how to stay in touch with friends. Before you leave, be sure to make a plan for staying in touch with old friends. While you can always communicate on the Internet, remember that you may be several time zones away. Figure out a time when both you and your friends will be awake. That way, one of you isn't staying up until midnight! And don't forget, snail mail is always an option - make sure to give your friends your new address.

Find out about your new school. Because you're relocating, that also means attending a new school. Ask your parents to find out what you'll be learning there and if there's anything you can do to prepare.

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Helpful Tips

Ask your friends if they've ever been to your new location. See if they have any advice on cool spots to hang out and places to visit (and what food not to try!).