Stay Safe

Social Media Safety

Social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are a great opportunity to keep in touch with friends and family, especially when you're moving around a lot. However, it's important to keep your safety and privacy in mind while using these sites.

Research and understand the options for controlling your information. You can restrict access to your information to a select group of people, but you usually have to do this manually; it won't happen automatically.

Keep valuable information to yourself. There is no reason to post your full name, your address, your age, your phone number or any other private information about yourself. Keep it simple. Create a screen name and control what type of information you post.

Post only what you are comfortable with. Remember that parents, school officials, police, future employers, college admissions counselors, etc. can see your online activity if it's public. If you aren't proud of what you've written, don't post it.

Remember you can't take your online activity back. If you email a picture to someone, text someone or post something on your Facebook page, you can't get rid of it. Even if you delete it, it has already been sent to other computers.

Social Media Safety

Helpful Tips

Try to remember that nothing's really private. Just because you send an email or a picture to one person, it doesn't mean that only one person will see it or read it. Don't send things over the Internet and assume they will stay private. If you aren't comfortable with what you're sending, don't send it.