Stay Safe

Online Predators

Chat rooms, instant messaging and other social networking sites are fun, quick and easy ways to stay in touch with people after you move. You can have conversations, send each other pictures and stay connected. But at the same time, it's important to remember that there are other people on the Internet who are up to no good.

Be wary of any strangers online. People aren't always who they say they are. Stick to talking to only people you know, and do not agree to meet up with people from the Internet. You never know who you're dealing with.

Do not use your real information. Do not provide people with your real name, address, phone number or any other information that can help someone identify who you are or where you live.

Get your parent involved. If someone you don't know is trying to communicate with you online, tell your parent and do not communicate with this person.

Avoid unsafe websites and scams. If something pops up on your computer and asks you to sign up for a free prize or put your information onto the site to win something, don't do it. Most of the time, this type of thing is a scam and you don't want to give your information to strangers.

Online Predators

Helpful Tips

Be sure to tell your parents about any bad online experiences. You can tell them anything. Your honesty and their love and care can prevent more harm.