District Of Columbia: DC Public Schools

The information presented below was developed through a survey of school districts conducted in the winter and spring of 2013. Although accuracy was a priority, the most current information will come from contacting the new school district directly. The Tools for Making a Smooth Transition section includes suggestions for contacting school districts and sample questions to ask.

District Contact Information

  • Address: 1200 First St, NE, Washington, DC 20002
  • Phone: 202-442-4800
  • Website

District Enrollment

  • Total Students: 45557
  • Total Students with Disabilities ages 3-5: 1058
  • Total Students with Disabilities 6-21: 5712
  • Number of Students with ASD: 470
  • Number of Students with ID: 492
  • Number of Students with E/BD: 573

Types of Educational Services Provided:

  • ASD: Functional Behavior Assessment, Sensory Supports, Visual Supports, Social Narratives, Computer-Aided Instruction, Systematic Use of Differential Reinforcement, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Prompting, Applied Behavior Analysis, Social Skills Training Group, Augmentative Communication Device
  • ID: Academic Modifications, Computer-Aided Instruction, Independent Living Skills, Assistive Technology, Positive Behavior Supports
  • EBD: Academic Modifications, Crisis Management & Intervention, Computer-Aided Instruction, Positive Behavior Supports, Social Skills Training, Other

Types of Post-Secondary Transition Services Provided:

  • Preparation for Post-Secondary Education or Training (identifying opportunities, completing applications, completing financial aid applications), Referrals to Community Agencies/Wrap-Around Service Planning, Functional Vocational Assessments/Career Planning, Vocational Training/Job Coaching (job shadowing, volunteer opportunities, internships), Person-Centered/Family-Centered Life Skills Planning (PATHS, MAPS, etc.), Other

Family Resources:

  • Parent education or training, Sibling groups

District Access to Board Certified Behavior Analyst:

  • Yes

Military Installations & School Districts

Below are links to military installations and the districts that serve them. Clicking on the installation link will take you to its Fast Facts page at Military Installations while clicking on the district link will take you to the district’s webpage.

Naval District Washington (Washington Navy Yard)

Two students holding books