a teacher, a child with an adult in a library, a smiling EFPM staff person, and a smiling staff person showing information in a record book

Tips for Contacting Districts and Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support Staff

It is strongly recommended that you contact your new school district and Exceptional Family Member Program family support staff as soon as possible. Below are some suggestions for having these conversations:

  • Take some time to prepare. Write down questions you want to ask and the information you want to obtain. Sample questions are provided in this section.
  • Identify the most and least effective parts of your child's current educational program to share with the new district. Use the transition process to create an even more valuable program for your child.
  • Ask to speak to the special education department director when you contact the new school district. Contact information for each district is provided in the State, School District and Installation Information section of the directory.
  • Write down the time, date and name of the person to whom you spoke, as well as some brief notes. A printable worksheet, developed by the Center for Parent Information and Resources, is included for your convenience.
  • Be courteous but assertive. You'll have many conversations with school staff, so a positive relationship is a priority. Try to avoid becoming overly frustrated or emotional, and instead focus on creating an effective program for your child.