Sample Questions to Ask School Districts

Below are questions you may want to ask of your child's new school district. When calling a district about services for your child, ask to speak with the special education department director. Remember to jot down some notes on the convenient worksheet provided.

  1. Whom should I contact at the school when we arrive in our new location?
  2. What release of information forms should I sign before leaving my current location?
  3. What consent and release of information forms will I need to sign when I arrive?
  4. What information should I bring with me or provide you before we arrive?
  5. Can I fax or email you a copy of my child's individualized education program?
  6. Will my child's individualized education program be implemented as currently written?
  7. What types of evidence-based practices does your district use?
  8. Do my child's teachers have experience and training for working with children with my child's disability?
  9. Will my child's teacher(s) be willing to email me weekly progress updates?
  10. If my child requires transportation, how will that be provided and coordinated?
  11. Where will my child be served: in the regular classroom, a pull-out or self-contained program or in a separate building?
  12. Will my child be able to participate in elective classes such as art, music and physical education?
  13. Is there a local support group for families with children with disabilities?
  14. Whom should I contact at the school district if I have issues related to my child's program?
  15. Sometimes my child doesn't seem to fit in. How will the school help with social skills?
  16. What happens if my child's unusual or quirky behavior is misinterpreted as rule-breaking?
  17. My child might, if upset, try to run or leave the building. How will you address this safety concern?

View these sample questions in printable PDF format.