State & Local Information:

Find state specific information on special education systems and school districts.

States at a Glance

This page provides a brief overview of each state's special education system and links to more information.

Tools for Making a Smooth Transition

This section contains tools for making the transition to a new school district easier for your child, including forms, checklists, worksheets and sample questions to ask your child's new school district.

Trends & Resources

This section summarizes recent developments and service trends related to autism spectrum disorders, emotional/behavior disorders and intellectual disabilities.

Glossary of Terms

This section provides a glossary of terms to help you and your family.

  • Descriptions of each state's early intervention system and related resources
  • Early intervention service provider profiles and contact information
  • Tools for helping you and your child make a smooth transition to a new early intervention provider
  • Links to national resource agencies
  • Summaries of national early intervention service trends

All 50 states and the District of Columbia are included in the directory, which supplements the information available at Military OneSource's Exceptional Family Member Program page.

Suggested use of the directory

The directory is organized to help you quickly obtain the information you need to make decisions for your child with special needs. The directory will enable you to:

  1. Identify and learn about the early intervention provider serving your new location
  2. Review the early intervention systems and resources in each of the 50 states
  3. Use the Tools for Making a Smooth Transition to minimize the impact of relocation
  4. Understand national early intervention issues and service trends
  5. Access additional early intervention resources including those specifically designed for military families

Limitations on use of the directory

When using the directory, please keep in mind that:

  1. The information was collected from a wide range of sources. Although accuracy is a priority, the most current information will come from contacting or asking your current early intervention service coordinator to contact your new provider.
  2. The practices listed in the individual provider profiles only describe services they are currently providing and do not guarantee that a child will receive a particular intervention or methodology. Services are individually determined by the individualized family service plan team, including the child's parents.