Sample Questions to Ask Early Intervention Providers

Below are examples of questions that your current service coordinator may want to ask your new service provider to help prepare for your transition to the new location. It may be helpful to discuss these questions with your current service coordinator before contacting the new provider to help ensure all necessary information is obtained.

  1. Whom should I contact at your agency when we arrive?
  2. What release of information forms should I sign before leaving my current location?
  3. What consent and release of information forms will I need to sign when I arrive?
  4. What are your eligibility criteria for early intervention services?
  5. Could I fax or email you a copy of my child's eligibility report and individual family service plan to help you prepare? To whom should I send it and what number or email address should I use?
  6. The parts of my child's individual family service plan that works really well are (insert information). Does your staff have experience doing this?
  7. What type of service model does your agency use (dedicated service, integrated team or primary service person)?
  8. If there is a fee for services, can you provide a copy of the fee scale or show me where to find it online?
  9. Do you bill Medicaid, private insurance or TRICARE for services that are provided?
  10. If my child requires transportation, how will that be provided and coordinated?
  11. Is there a local support group for families with children with early intervention needs? If yes, how do I connect with it? What other area resources are available for families that have children with special needs?
  12. Whom should I contact if I have questions about my child's program?
  13. What opportunity will I have to talk with the staff about what has been successful for my child in the past?
  14. What other suggestions do you have for us regarding our transition?

View these sample questions in printable PDF format.